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Toy Dispenser Gallery: Friendship is Magic

I'm honored and excited to be apart of this exhibition curated by Michael Foerster. This will feature over 40 artists from across the US and will be available to take freely!

This work is meant to "subvert the capitalistic structures that permeate the art world. Using the toy dispenser, itself a vehicle used by business to cultivate compulsive spending and obsessive desire, this exhibition instead gifts artwork, a loving and intimate gesture inspired by the gifting of work that often occurs between craftspeople, to forge more meaningful connections between the artwork, viewer and artist."

Check it out!

Brooklyn Ceramic Art Tour 2024

May 18-19 2024

Join us in Brooklyn at Gasworksnyc!!

Details coming soon!

I'm so proud to be apart of this amazing group of artists as a fellowship guest artist at the Asparagus Valley tour this year. What an honor! I'm truly excited and have been working very hard to complete a series of work for this event. I hope you will take time to visit!

Check out where you can find me, here!